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 Wrist Measurements

  Ordering a bracelet is much easier if you know your correct wrist size.

  When you order a bracelet from us, we want it to fit you properly.

  These simple instructions will help you measure correctly and help us give        you the right fit


  Using a flexible measuring tape or a thin string, measure just above                 your wrist bone. (towards elbow)  Measure right where the tape or

  string   just overlaps. Mark with pen or keep finger  in position. Do not pull       tight. Remove from wrist and place on flat surface above ruler. Measure

  inches & eighths. ( ex: 6 1/8 or 6 7/8. ) This measurement will

  be your  exact   wrist size. 


  The bracelet size will always be larger than the actual wrist measurement       depending on the beads & findings used.  Place your  exact wrist size in

  our drop down menu when ordering. This is our guideline in creating you a      comfortable fit.



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