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            Bonnie Layton

I have always had a passion for creating unique jewelry. My first jewelry store, Bonnie & Clyde Jewelers, opened in Ocean City, Maryland in 1976.  We designed rings, bracelets, and necklaces

 featuring gemstones set in sterling silver & 14 carat gold.   A second store was opened the following season due to our growing  popularity.

After taking several years off to raise my family,  I became inspired by beautiful European leathers.  
What a great material to highlight!  I knew I could create hand-made, gorgeous jewelry and offer really unique pieces.  I also had the opportunity to solve another common jewelry frustration—how do I get this on by myself!  All of our bracelets are designed to be securely fastened but easily put on and taken off.


We stand by our jewelry and offer our clients quality workmanship.


​I am so thrilled to be making jewelry that I love!  once again.  I hope you will be as excited about our collection  as I have

been creating it for you!


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